Abdillahi A

My name is Abdillahi and I am currently a high school student that attends Spring Lake Park High School and I am also a PSEO student. I take online classes at Anoka Ramsey Community College. I’m going to be graduating from high school this summer then I will go into college full time. Since I am in school for the foreseeable future I am only looking for a part time job but Abdillahi would be interested in a full time job in the summer. Developing Web Pages is the first class that I took when it comes to this degree and it is where I learned about HTML and CSS. I plan on taking more of these classes to get better come next semester. My dream vacation is to go to Dubai.

Cell: 6518151885

Email: Abdillahim17@gmail.com


Hard Worker
Good With People
Quick learner
Easy To Work With


I have some experience at working in Walmart. The worked as a cashier as well as in other positions. Also I have some experience working in group homes so I am comfortable working with people. I am looking forward to getting more experience for the future.


  • I am abo1ut to get my high school diploma in the summer.
  • High school GPA: 3.4 College GPA: 3.9

Free Time

Going out with friends is one of my favorite things to do in free time. I like participating in sports on teams or with friends. Also I enjoy watching sports on TV or in person if I go. Furthermore go out with my friends and sometimes if like going to the movies, I might go there. Lastly but not least I enjoy playing video games alone or with my friends as they’re a lot of fun.

At movies
Playing Basketball