Anonymous Inker

My name is Carl, a fellow inker, Pretty common name, is it not?

I’m also an “Inker” meaning I like to dabble within the creative arts. Although, being an Inker is just a label I thought of a stereotype who draws a lot.

Anyways, I major in Visualization Technology at Saint Paul College.

I have plans to pursue my animation career… Although, my options would vary in the near future.

Here are my common goals at the moment:

  • Take a year break after graduation to re-evaluate my options and pursue backup options based on the market opportunity of my field.
  • Hone my skills related to my field.
  • Develop new skills.

My first work is related to airport services at MSP airport, specifically at the height of the pandemic, around March 2020. Due to that, I was let go in short while.

My current/present job is related to retail services near at a local grocery store, within my area, since 2022 of July to present.

These two job positions gave me exposure to customer service, like most jobs entail.

Although, I have learned more important skills on my present job that range from logistical inventory to customer satisfaction, and more than I can count.

An Inker’s First Animation Test – Fundamentals

My first animation test of a cute mascot related to my field. I was testing some animation fundamentals on this particular test.


My second and longest animation test with the same reasoning but dabbling with more than one character.

The characters are referenced from the talents owned by Hololive Corp.


My third animation test about an animatic style animation. I also did this when there was a trend in various platforms. Nonetheless, I was also testing and studying for timing overall.