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Anyu Boris Background and Experience

 Anyu Boris is a driven electrical engineer and passionate individual with a background experience as a technician at Tires Plus. With a commitment to hard work and problem-solving, Anyu is no stranger to the challenges of tackling complex issues.

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Childhood Inspiration and Education Challenges

 Growing up in Cameroon, I witnessed frequent electricity outages in my community. This inspired me to pursue a career in electrical engineering, as I wanted to develop innovative solutions to help alleviate this issue. However, my education was hindered by the tribal and ethnic divisions present in my country. As a member of a minority group, I faced significant barriers to accessing quality education. Despite these challenges, I remained committed to my passion for engineering and worked hard to overcome these obstacles. Overall, my experiences have shaped me into a passionate and driven individual with a strong commitment to improving the lives of others. I am excited to continue this journey by pursuing my career in electrical engineering and contribute to society


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Anyu Boris



I am a Full-time student graduating in December 2024 and seeking a paid internship in web development. I am available part-time immediately and full-time in January 2025.


  • Proficient in HTMLCSS
  • Competent cashier
  • Focused and detail-oriented
  • Good problem solver
  • Easy to get along with
  • Versatile employee
  • Great with customers


  • Microsft office
  • python


Motivated and detail-oriented electrical engineering student with experience as a technician at Tires Plus. Skilled in Python, CSS, HTML, and Microsoft Office. Seeking an opportunity to leverage my technical skills and passion for innovation in a challenging role.

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