Banff, Canada

About Banff

Banff is located in Canada and is well known for its beautiful scenery and Lake Louise. Banff National Park is surrounded by a vast amount of wilderness and is relatively close to the Canadian Rockies.


Pictured above in all three images is the beautiful Lake Louise.

Best Time to Visit

Banff National Park is a sight to see no matter the time of the year, however, certain seasons are better than others.



Summer is the most popular season to take a trip to Banff. Its peak months fall between July and August. The temperature is nice and warm, but not sweltering hot. The wildlife action in the summer are known to impressive and worth seeing.


Winter is not the "ideal" time for a visit, but Banff National Park is still just as pretty with different features, such as snow and ice. The average temperature in the winter there falls between 23º and 32º Fahrenheit.