Brad Howes Life Experiences

Future Goals

High School graduation picture

My name is Brad Howes and I am twenty years old. Currently I am studying at Anoka Ramsey Community College and I hope to graduate with a social media marketing certificate and a business and marketing associates degree. My goal is to graduate by summer of 2024. After completing my studies at ARCC, I plan on either pursuing a career job in social media marketing and content creation or starting my own business by opening my own sports card shop. the goal of creating this website is to motivate everyone and show that anything that you put your mind too is possible. This website is about my most valuable and most committed life experiences.


I have a lot of interests that I do strictly for fun and to learn new skills that can benefit me. One thing that I love doing is creating and editing video content. Life has always been very creative in my aspect. I have been creating content on Youtube for around a year and a half now and create videos about one of my other big passions which is collecting sports cards. My sports card videos consist of opening sealed product, reviewing new cards that I recently purchased, and I also review different technology devices. I also really enjoy health and fitness as it has been a huge part of my life ever since I have been a kid. My main strongpoint in fitness is weight lifting. I used to weight lift to benefit my physicality in wrestling. Now I weight lift to benefit my well being and overall lifestyle.

Football Card

This is a card I won in an auction at my local sports card shop. I was in a back and fourth battle with one other guy for this card and we both kept going up dollar by dollar until he called it quits at $20. I bid $21 to secure the card. The auction was back in 2017 and now this card is worth around $100.

Matthew Stafford football card
One of my more unique sports cards. Mathew Stafford triple jersey/patch card #’d to 9

youtube channel

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Youtube Channel Name: Brads Tech Reviews

Checkout my Youtube Channel:

  • Sports card unboxing’s and reviews
  • Tips and tricks about sports cards
  • Technology unboxing’s and reviews



I am a full-time student graduating in May, 2024 and seeking a paid internship in social media marketing. I am available part-time immediately and full-time in May, 2024.


Proficient with promoting online companies through video editing and content creation using imagery advertising strategies on social media platforms.

  • Focused and detail-oriented
  • Good problem solver
  • Easy to get along with
  • Versatile employee
  • Great with customers
  • Over 2 years of work experience
  • Hard working

Skills and Experience

Company: Ink Systems 

Ink Batcher/specialist/assistant: I formulate colors for various professional companies such as Wells Fargo and Capital One. I mix various base ink colors together to create the company’s designated theme color. Those mixed ink colors run on printing presses on a certain paper stock to create that company’s form of advertising through different envelopes, folders, postcards, calendars, food labels, and posters.

Company: Ralph Howes Lawn Service

I was an assistant that helped with various jobs. Some of the jobs were landscaping, mowing, debris removal, and plowing.


  • High School diploma
  • Business and Marketing Associates degree
  • Social Media Marketing certificate.

Coursework includes advertising, web designing, marketing through retail corporations, business writing, and social media marketing.

Life Experiences


I am one that loves to travel to and try new activities. My family and I love going to Duluth every summer to have the opportunity to set reality to the side for a weekend and just relax by Lake Superior. We usually go to Canal park. I also love trying new restaurants that I find because food makes every situation more excitable and memorable.

Flag Football

Recently I joined a flag football league for fun. Some of the guys on the team I met through college and some I met from playing on the team and going to practice every week. I never got the chance to play football in High School for an actual team since I dedicated my life to wrestling. Playing flag football gave me the chance to check off a must do experience off of my bucket list. A more valuable take away from playing on this team for me is that I got the pleasure of meeting a whole new roster of friends.


I started my wrestling career in 2nd grade and I wrestled through senior year of High School. 2 years of my youth career was spent at Andover and the other 9 years was spent at Anoka. Some of my career accomplishments are:

  • Freshman state champ
  • 2x state place winner
  • 2x Captain of the high school wrestling team
  • 4x all conference wrestler
  • 4x letter winner
  • Undefeated record (6-0) at the hardest national tournament of the year