Brian Ramola

My name is Brian Ramola and I am hoping to get a 4 year degree for Computer Programming. The reason I am taking this class is to learn about web development and learn new languages for coding. I hope to eventually get into game development but I do not have very much experience yet. I am currently working as a line cook to help pay for my schooling. As a line cook I make all sorts of different foods mainly being pastas and steaks. Some hobbies I have are snowboarding, cooking, and going to the gym.

I have multiple pets that I live with. The 2 dogs shown to the left are Dusty (Yellow Lab) and Stanley (Western Highland Terrier).


The pictures here are different pictures of my different pets. On the top left that is my cat Cupid. At the top right that is my dog dusty and in the 2nd row both of those are my cat Julius. On the 3rd row that is my cat Robin and finally on the bottom right that is Dusty again and on the bottom left that is my dog Trixie who passed away last winter.


Objective: I am currently a part-time student going fulltime in Fall of 2023 and I will be seeking a paid internship as a “Game Developer”. At the moment I’m available only part-time and will be available full time in May of 2023.


  • Terrific Problem Solver
  • Great Work Ethic
  • Easy To Get Along with
  • Spectacular Customer Service

Once I am finished with school I will be searching for a job in the tech industry. I would like to be a game developer but I am open to anything. You can email me at or call me at (999)-999-9999


I’ve been snowboarding for a couple years now and I really enjoy going with friends. My favorite place to go snowboarding is Wild Mountain. I am hoping to someday go to Colorado and go snowboarding through the mountains there. I really like snowboarding so here is a video of what it looks like at the top levels.