Chang Vang

My name is Chang Vang and I major in Computer Graphics and Visualization at Saint Paul College. After graduating from Saint Paul College, I plan on continuing my study at Concordia University. Here are some of the classes I have taken to help achieve my goals:

  • InDesign used by designer to create various types of documents, posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, etc.
  • Web Fundamentals a skills necessary for creating, maintaining, and optimizing websites.
  • Keyboarding to help increases my typing speed
  • Photoshop to help build my editing skills.

I plan on taking more classes such as Adobe 1 & 2 and 3D animation Fundamental to improve my game animation movement. I’ll be taking 2D Web Animation with Web Base Game Design too which will be useful for game developing.

Photoshop Face Swap

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I worked in Fast Food Restaurant as a waiter to provide customer service, greeting guests, assisting with menu selections, and taking the food. I have basic construction skills to assist in installation and assembly of structural components. Another work experience I acquired is on performing routine maintenance and repairs on vehicles which include oil changes, brake, and using diagnostic tools and equipment to identify and address mechanical issue. I also can operate machinery and equipment on assembly line to assemble components and products according to production specifications and quality standards.

My hobbies include working on cars (car enthusiast), going to car meets and cruising with friends. Although I just started being in the car community, I’ve been modifying my car since getting it. I am also into Fish keeping (been a fish keeper since a kid). I have kept many different type of fish throughout my fish keeping years. Some of the fish I kept before are Flowerhorn, Arowana, Bichir, Axolotls, Betta, and many more. My favorite fish to keep by far are the Arowana and Flowerhorn as they have unique personality.

I want to travel to Japan for a unique blend of tradition and modern innovation, where I can explore vibrant cities, serene temples, and breathtaking natural landscapes. This is my Dream Destination.

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