Elizabeth Draeger

The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit

-Fabienne Fredrickson
Me, Elizabeth

About Me

My name is Elizabeth and I am currently studying business at Anoka Ramsey Community College. I am attempting full-time college credits and working part time at a veterinary clinic. This semester, I am taking Personal Finance, Astronomy, Principles of Marketing, and Developing Web Pages.

Resume / Past Work

Something Sweet by Maddy Lu, Cashier (May 2019 – Jan 2020)

  • Handled money
  • Assisted in kitchen
  • Maintain clean workspace
  • Interact with customers in a friendly and professional manner

White Pine Child Care Center, Teacher’s Aid (Jan 2020 – July 2021)

  • Supervise children
  • Gave end of day reports to parents
  • General cleaning
  • In this time I also took several jobs to babysit for people I know

NAMSA, In-life Technical Assistant (July 2021 – Present)

  • Restrain animals
  • Blood Processing
  • Clean and sterilize equipment

This is my cat, Peaches. She is scared of everything, not very bright, and I love her a lot. Picture on the left is her fat lip after she ate an asian beetle, causing an ulcer.


Elizabeth and boyfriend

Something fun about me is that I snowboard. This past winter me and my boyfriend took a trip to Lutsen, MN and had the absolute time of our lives snowboarding. It was the most difficult terrain I’d ridden up to that point and I spent my first day falling a lot but towards the end of the trip I was having a great time. To the right is a picture of that trip. And below an embedded video of top level snowboarding from some dudes out of Scandinavia.

In my free time I like to paint, read, write, be outside, hang with my boyfriend, and cook

Paintings snowboarding

These are all paintings that I’ve done My favorite of the ones that I’ve done here would have to be either the cowboy hat, the yak in the bottom left, or that little frog fella on the bottom of the left wall I’m gonna paint someone snowboarding (I only put this here for SEO)