About me

About Me

My name is Elliot Wilkinson I study Web Design and Computer Programming with an emphasis in web at Saint Paul College in St. Paul, Minnesota. My planned graduation date is May 2024 with the Web Design Certificate and May 2026 with the Computer Programming Degree. I made this about me page as a portfolio of my skills developing websites. As of now, I have taken the following classes at Saint Paul College:

  • Web Fundamentals, where I learned HTML and CSS
  • Adobe Animate, where I learn the basics of how to animate using Adobe Animate
  • Sociology, where I learn the development, structure, and functioning of human society

This semester I will be taking Client Side Programming, Graphical Web Design, and Web Design.

My hobbies include video gaming (my favorite games being The Sims 4 and Omori), reading thriller and fiction 9 (my favorite book right now is Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky), watching movies and TV shows, programming, drawing, biking, and baking.

Work experience

Through November of 2020 to January of 2022 I worked at Kohl’s where I kept aisles neat and tidy and also fulfilled online orders. In September of 2021 I was employee of the month.

Since January of 2022 I started working at Caribou Coffee where I currently work now. I take people’s orders and will also make orders.


Another thing about me is that in January of 2020 my family adopted a four year old beagle from the humane society that we named Potato. As of when I’m writing this, Potato is now eight years old. He loves to cuddle, be under blankets, food, walks, and taking naps. He doesn’t seem to be interested in toys but he does love getting into the trash. We don’t have any other pets and I’m pretty sure he prefers to be the only pet.

Here are pictures of him.