Erik Bjork

Photo of Erik Bjork.
Photo of me, Erik Bjork

Hello and welcome to my post! My name is Erik Bjork, and I’m currently pursuing my General Education requirements at Anoka Ramsey Community College with plans to earn a degree in Software Engineering.

For as long as I can remember, my interest in technology has driven me. I find myself constantly fascinated by how technology, from personal computers to 3D printing and virtual reality, can change the world and improve people’s lives.

Following my interest in the world of technology, the idea of having the ability to create programs and applications that can make a difference in people’s lives is what drew me to the field of software engineering, and I’m excited to continue my studies in this area.

Welcome to my showcase of skills and experience as a web developer! I appreciate you taking the time to read and learn more about me and my web development projects. I hope you enjoy exploring my post as much as I enjoyed creating it. Thank you for stopping by!

Iceland’s breathtaking and unique geological features make it a top destination on my travel bucket list.


As someone who enjoys 3D printing, I’ve had the pleasure of creating a range of projects – from functional tools to artistic pieces. In this showcase, I’d like to share a few examples of these projects that I’ve completed over the past few years, I made most of these projects as gifts for friends and family. You can Click the Images to view the original models I used.

Candy Machines

I have created two candy machines that use a regular mason jar as a container for storing candy. These machines dispense candy or any similarly sized item with a simple turn of the knob. The Silk Blue candy machine is my most recent project, and I am still putting the finishing touches on it. I made the Brown dispenser using a material that contains 20% bamboo, which gives it a wood-like scent and a finish with some particles.

Silk Blue candy machine using a mason jar as a container, dispenses candy with a turn of the knob.
Brown candy dispenser made with 20% bamboo, uses a mason jar as a container and dispenses candy with a turn of the knob.

Jewelry Box

This is a Rosewood jewelry box (That is also 20% bamboo). The box features a fabric insert, and there is text located underneath the lid. The divider in the middle is removable.


I made these vases using a 3D printing setting called ‘Spiralize Outer Contour,’ also known as Vase Mode. This special setting allows the printer to create objects with a single, continuous wall, resulting in faster printing times. As a result, the printer doesn’t need to stop and start for each layer. Furthermore, there was little post-processing required. I successfully tested both vases and found that they can hold water and flowers. Additionally, the filament used to print the vases changes from Silk Silver to Shiny Red, giving each vase a unique appearance.

Dice Tower

Large Dice Tower 3D printed with Stone PLA filament, featuring a unique Observatory-inspired design and a matte white finish with black speckles.

Printing this tower was a challenging feat. Its large size, high material cost, and lengthy print time all presented obstacles. However, despite these challenges, the final result is stunning. The Dice tower boasts a unique design inspired by an Observatory. In addition, the filament used to print the tower was ‘Stone PLA,’ which gives it a distinctive matte white finish with black speckles.

Wire Printed Dog

Wire Printed Dog 3D printed with a continuous strand of material, resulting in a fragile and pliable object.

I created this dog using a 3D printing technique called ‘Wire Printing.’ Unlike traditional 3D printing, this technique allows the printer to produce objects with a continuous strand of material. As a result, it requires very little material and prints quickly. However, the resulting object is fragile and somewhat pliable. For instance, while we were able to remove the dog from the build surface without breaking it, we did encounter some difficulties in doing so. Eventually, we experienced a few breakages during subsequent attempts.



  • Proficient with computer hardware and software
  • Logical
  • Reliable
  • Hardworking


  • HTML
  • 3D printing
  • Microsoft Access
  • Visual Basic


High School Diploma from St. Francis High School

Pursuing Degree: Software Engineer from Anoka-Ramsey Community College.


  • SP2 Certification
  • Microsoft Access Certified