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 About The Lofoten Islands

Lofoten Is an archipelago comprising seven main islands off the northern coast of Norway. Each island is seperated by fjords; fjords are deep bodies of water surrounded by mountains, they closely resemble rivers, but on a much larger scale. There are only two towns within Lofoten; Svolvær and Leknes with less than 25,000 people! The population might be small, but the land is not! There is plenty to do and explore in Lofoten!

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A view of a house at night in Lofoten

Explore Svolvær and Leknes and their cuisine, architecture, culture, art, and much more!

Enjoy your time on a cruise, or a planned kayak trip in the sea! Meet the aquatic life and gorgeous views that Lofoten has to offer!

Go on a guided hiking trip! Find amazing views, and meet some of Lofoten's creatures and critters along the way!

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