Gavin Ogden

About Gavin Ogden

Hello! My name is Gavin Ogden. I am a PSEO student at Anoka Ramsey Community College in Cambridge, Minnesota. My planned graduation date is May 2024, With an associate’s degree in liberal arts. I made this portfolio to show my skills in developing websites and to display all of the knowledge I have acquired so far in my academic journey.

A picture of me, Gavin Ogden.

I am in my last semester at Anoka Ramsey Community College with a 3.55 GPA and am on track to graduate this May. After graduation, I plan to transfer to Bemidji State University and pursue a bachelor’s degree in Design.

I am very enthusiastic about attending a university and pursuing my education, I hope to either follow Game Design or Interactive Multimedia Design as possible career choices.

My hobbies include video gaming, fishing, hunting, hiking, airsoft, hanging out with friends, listening to music, volleyball, and traveling.

My dream destination is to go to the Lofoten Islands in Norway.



I am a Full-time student graduating in May 2024 and seeking a paid internship in web development. I am available part-time immediately in August 2024.


  • Currently learning HTML and CSS Frameworks
  • Hardworking and friendly
  • Focused and detail-oriented
  • Good problem solver
  • Easy to get along with
  • Versatile employee
  • Great with customers


I started as a gate guard working part-time while attending Anoka Ramsey Community College in high school through the PSEO program. During my time as a gate guard, I excelled at customer service and was praised by my peers for being hardworking, intelligent, enthusiastic, and friendly.

I focused on my academics throughout my years in high school and college, working hard towards my goal to graduate college and high school at the same time. I have always been determined to pursue any goals that I set and complete them appropriately.

  • Currently learning HTML, CSS and I have some JavaScript/jQueryExperience
  • Full time student and Anoka Ramsey Community College, United States of America, Cambridge, MN.
  • Gate Guard 9/2022 to current date
  • Fleet Farm, Cambridge, MN


  • Currently attending Saint Francis High School
  • Currently attending Anoka Ramsey Community College full-time through the PSEO program

Pursuing Degree’s: Associates of Liberal Arts, Anoka Ramsey Community College, MN. Coursework includes coding with HTML and CSS, exploring computer programs and applications, keyboarding, English, math, and science. Pursuing a bachelor’s in Design at Bemidji State University in Bemidji Minnesota after graduation from Anoka Ramsey Community College.