Jessalyn Glanz: About my Life

about my Future Plans

           My name is Jessalyn Glanz and I am seventeen. A little about my education I am currently studying at Anoka Ramsey Community College for an associate degree in art and science. I will be graduating this year and then transferring. After I will transfer to the University of Minnesota to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Product Design. I am very excited to be pursuing this and am planning on getting a job as a UX designer or Product designer. While pursuing my associate degree I have been taking classes such as…..

  • graphic design
  • Photoshop
  • web page development
  • foundational drawing

            I have taken to prepare me for my studies beyond Anoka Ramsey Community College and for my own enjoyment. Classes that I have taken for fun are personal finance and painting as I also love art and learning skills that will help me outside the workplace.

about my hOBBIES

One thing about me is that I love art. I have experimented with a handful of art types but am really drawn to drawing and recently painting. Ever since I was a little I enjoyed art. Drawing objects and people are my favorite. I am hoping to continue growing my skills and pursue arts throughout my whole life. I also enjoy cooking and baking. My favorite things to cook are foods from other cuisines as I think it is fun to challenge myself by making foods that are foreign to me. I also really enjoy baking bagels and have sold and fundraised money by making bagels. Traveling is probably my favorite thing to do in general. I love culture and history so when my family went to Mexico this year I knew that I had to go see some Ancient Mayan ruins. The world is so rich in history I hope to travel lots if I am able to.

If able to in the future Id love to travel to Rome Italy.


Signing up to sponsor a child and meeting Christian singer Colton Dixon with my family. (2023)

Volunteering has mainly been through my youth group and church. I volunteer once a month at my church in or kids service for kindergarten to sixth grade. Through the kids ministry I have also volunteered as a counselor for my church. A large nonprofit that are church supports is Speed the Light which is an organization that covers many issues that are world faces and helps. These issues include world hunger, building wells, saving exploited people, education for girls and women, and more. We hold a fair every year and I have volunteered selling bagels and such for it. Currently I have been fundraising and preparing for a missions trip this summer to go and volunteer at a safe house for victims of human trafficking. This is a huge issue in not only globally but in America many people fall victim to this and its important for people to know about it and spread awareness and help for these victims.

Another organization that I personally just started supporting is Compassion. Compassion is an organization that helps children that are starving by providing food, education, health care, the gospel, community, and much more. They upload a photo of a child a description of their hobbies and there family situation. People that are in financially well enough place can then choose to sponsor a child for 38 dollars a month. This money provides all the care listed above and more to this child securing them from suffering from hunger and other issues. I started sponsoring a young boy from Honduras and I can send letters to him. If you want to learn more about the organization click here to go to their website.

About my Work Experience

I have been working for about four years at my families business Mid State Painting where I have taken on a variety of tasks. Some of those are puttying, sanding, staining, task running, delivering, and designing. I recently have started working at Mcdonalds. Where I so far have learned and increased my skills in customer communication, multitasking, time management, personal development, and learning from feedback. No matter the task I try to do my best in that role and am open to trying new things and problem solving solutions.


Highlights of the past two years