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Web Editor and lawyer Patty Hartmann
Patty Hartmann Web Editor

Instead of hard cover law books, research into the law is primarily done on the world wide web. The ability to find the law is faster and surprisingly accurate using today’s internet research tools.

While it can be dangerous to be your own lawyer, there is an abundance of high quality law related information available on today’s internet. Many people can find the kind of legal information they need on public websites.

For example, the Minnesota Attorney General’s office provides a lot of information to help consumers figure out what steps they can take to protect their legal interests.

If someone wants to find the Minnesota law that applies to some topic or issue, our Minnesota statutes can be located online.

Similarly, much of today’s legal investigation takes place using the internet. When investigating witnesses, lawyers often start with internet social media.

In the end, most of the evidence lawyers deal with is digital. Most of the documents that become evidence are electronic files.

Rarely are evidence photos printed from any negative. Instead you are likely to be using digital pictures where important clues to the photo’s source and authenticity are stored in its meta data.

My professional experience has involved prosecuting claims regarding in a broad range of civil matters. The more I practice law, however, the more I find myself immersed in the technical aspects of our information technology. As a lawyer who has practiced law for more than 35 years, I have learned how valuable it is to understand computers and internet technology.

Professional Skills

  • Legal Research
  • Drafting Pleadings and Briefs
  • Investigation
  • Conducting Discovery
  • Depositions
  • Analysis of Records
  • Pre-Trial and Post-Trial Motions
  • Trials and Court Hearings
  • Appellate Practice
  • Arbitrations and Mediations

Work Experience

Extensive legal work involving analysis of medical records, health care claims, health care liens, subrogation claims.

As a self-employed business owner, responsible for:

  • Compliance with HIPAA and HITECH regulations governing medical information;
  • Compliance with state and federal employment regulations;
  • Selection and deployment of office technology and software applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Pro;
  • Management of legal staff, including the professional development of paralegal candidates;
  • Guest Lecturer in Ethics at College of St. Catherine’s, St. Paul, MN;
  • Testified in Grand Jury Proceedings involving the Dalkon Shield IUD.

Community Involvement

Served as a founding member of an all-volunteer group of St. Paul residents who successfully gathered more than 6000 signatures in 2018 to support a referendum of the City of St. Paul’s Organized Trash Collection ordinance, requiring that the City plan be put to a popular vote in a citywide election. Ran for the St. Paul City Council Ward 3 office in November of 2019. (Did not win the election, but obtained the third highest vote total of 21 candidates vying for 7 seats.)

Educational Background

Currently studying web design at St. Paul College; Juris Doctor, William Mitchell College of Law, n/k/a Mitchell Hamline School of Law, St. Paul, MN

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