Molly M.

Hey, my name is Molly M. I am 21 years old. I am the only girl out of a set of triplets. Currently working towards my marketing major and social media certification at Anoka Ramsey. Where I am set to graduate this May. I have been offered a social media marketing position at a small company before I graduate, but I plan on taking up some internships before working as a one person team for a place. I decided to not hold a job during my last semester so I can focus on school, but I make money on the side by specializing in collectible reselling as well as doing assorted sewing commissions.

Hobbies – Molly M.

In my free time I really enjoy sewing and quilting. I mostly focus on quilts but I have done some bag and garment work. My previous job I worked at a local quilt shop in Anoka. While the shop has closed down due to the owners retiring, I have been able to maintain strong ties within the Minnesota quilting community which has given me many different job offers for assorted positions at different shops. I do plan on working somewhere in the quilting industry since I really enjoy it!

Prefer not to post any of my projects off of websites that aren’t my personal social media since I like keeping my name (Molly M.) associated with them. But here is a simple block I made that I don’t mind sharing. If on the small chance you saw this in a particular Subreddit, no you didn’t 😉

My Dogs – Molly M.

I have two amazing dogs. Bingham is a 12 y/o Boston Terrier. Delilah is a 2 y/o Mini Boxer. They are funky little creatures and I love them so much.

Some fun facts about them

  • Bingham & Delilah are from the same breeder, so we think they might be distantly related
  • Delilah’s favorite snack is popcorn but she is afraid of the bag
  • Bingham knows if she follows me around in the morning I will give her a treat before I leave for school
  • Delilah is obsessed with a toy ball that is flatten. She carries it around everywhere. We call it pancake.