Nick Talley

Hey, my name is Nick Talley, and I’m currently studying buisness at Anoka Ramsey. I plan to end with a buisness degree by next year in 2025. Im currently starting a lawn and landscape business and hope to grow quickly within the next 5 years and continue to add branches to the buisness as well.

.In the summer you will find me out on the water fishing for the day or having fun with all the boat activities like tubing with friends and knee boarding. If I am not out on the water, I will be at a fire playing bean bags with some buddies of mine. I love to travel and I hope this year I will make it out to Montana or Alaska again. Ive been to Alaska twice and I love it there. I think it would be cool to own a cabin out there one day. I would love to also visit Yellowstone National park!

Resume: Nicholas Talley

Cell: 612-360-5708



Today I am a Full-time student graduating in 2025 and seeking an internship in marketing and sales. I am avaible part-time immediately and full-time in january 2026.


  • Great with customers
  • Great leadership Skills
  • Good with time management
  • Efficent problem solver
  • Great co-worker


Have started my own clothing buisness, and have succeded in marketing. I have taken college level computer classes and buisness classes to expand my knowledge. I have worked in retail at Super Target.  In 2024 I started a Lawn business called Lawn Country after spending 3 seasons with another lawn company to gain experience first. I have gathered experience with customer service over the years and leadership being a manager for three years at the recent lawn care business I was employed to.


High School Diploma

GPA of 3.4

Pursuing Degree

Buisness, Anoka Ramsey Community College, MN. Coursework includes buisness classes as well as man computer classes like website building.