Kevin SM

My name is Kevin Silva and I am currently attending Anoka Ramsey Community College. I am a car enthusiast and a free lance photographer. I am currently majoring in Marketing. This Photography Portfolio will show you some of the pictures I have taken throughout the years.

Resume and Photography Portfolio

Kevin S


I am a Full-time student graduating in May 2025. I am available part time immediately and full-time in July 2025.


Currently attending Anoka-Ramsey Community College for an Associates Degree in Computer Networking.

Proficient in HTML, CSS and Javascript Frameworks

Focused detailed in my work, Fast problem solver, Gets along with everyone, Great at doing many tasks, Great with customer and service


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Responsive Design
  • And some JavaScript/jQuery

Skills in Photography

  • Understands any camera and gear exceptionally well
  • Has taken over thousands of pictures each year
  • Has experience in photo shop and lightroom


Worked crew and chef positons at McDonalds from 2018-2020

I worked with my team to ensure that the food and service that was being preformed was up to the standard of McDonalds. Worked many postions such as Cashier, Chef, and Inventory.

Joined Menards in 2020-2021 as a shipping and recieving associate.

I shipped and packaged orders to be delivered. Customer satisfaction was our number one goal in achieveing loyalty.

Joined Discount Tire in 2021-Current as a Service Technician

As a Service Tech I am in charge of ensuring that the customers vehicle leaves the shop better than when it came in no matter what. We offer a no compromise service where we do our absolute best to keep the customer in good hands.


High School Diploma from Irondale High School.

Pursuing work experience in IT or Web Management roles.

Why I love photography!

One of the reasons I love photography is because of the thinking that has to be done when viewing an image. In this Photography Portfolio I will explain why this is my hobby and job. For example my featured image above. Personally, I love to think about why that car is on the highway, where is he going, why is he going. The questions and thoughts one can have on not only the subject in the picture, but why the photographer is taking the picture in the first place. In this case, I took the picture because its on of my dream cars.

This video has helped me and is of similar composition to my personal photos!

Why I started photography!

I started my journey when my mom first gave me an old Nikon camera she had. She had used it when she came to America from Mexico and also loved taking pictures.

The Portfolio

Here is the link to Sony’s website. It is where I get all my gear and help!