Sam Yang Artist Portfolio

A person wearing a brown shirt, and blue coat standing with one hand on their hip, and the other holding up a cute character in front of their face.

This is the portfolio for the artist Sam Yang who is currently studying Computer Graphics and Visualization Saint Paul College. They plan on continuing their artistic at 4-year university with a focus on studio arts, and minor in film studies.

Below is a non exhaustive list of mediums that are not yet currently featured in this portfolio:

  • Drawing
  • Music Production / Performance
  • Video Editing
  • Web Design

These various projects consist of photography, miniature dioramas, graphic design, and other mediums. Each is unique, and displays different areas of interest.


Horror media, particularly found footage, and short stories are inspiration for my own works. Well written horror lets the viewer’s imagination run wild without filling in all the informational gaps. In this is a multi-media piece, something as mundane as viewing security footage becomes dreadful.

A computer monitor that is displaying multiple security cameras simultaneously. The main image shows a dark figure standing with their back towards the camera.
The CD cover of the Euphoria Mixtape. Pink text reading "Euphoria" repeated over a black background with paper texture. There is a red rose at the forefront of the image with other white, and pink elements throughout the image.

Euphoria Mixtape

Euphoria is a personal CD mixtape project, and a practice in the anti-design style. The style, as the name suggests, forgoes conventional rules of design in favor of experimental, loud, and purposely crowded elements.

japanese convenience store – miniature

Heavily inspired by old Japanese convenience stores, this project is an attempt to capture a nostalgic, but decrepit place. The skeleton of the kit was pre-cut wood, but with the addition of polymer clay, fabric, and paper in order to to minimize pre-built miniatures as much as possible.

Loft apartment – miniature

As with the Japanese store, this project base is a pre-cut wooden kit, but with the addition of polymer clay, metal, fabric, and paper. It was also an exercise in creative freedom as the original directions make poor use of the full layout, so building with intention was especially important. The details of the different rooms are meant to give the apartment a lived in, but welcoming feeling.

Crow journal / Scrap Booking

The concept of a “crow journal” is based on the behavior of crows/animals that like to pick up, and keep shiny objects regardless of their use. A crow journal can be seen as an offshoot of scrapbooking, but with more emphasis on recycling, and using materials that we would otherwise throw away.

Scrapbook examples in Sam Yang's artist portfolio. Two pieces of colored paper are shown filled with various ephemera, stickers, washi tape, and accents.