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About Me

My name is Sophia Web Pages, I am currently a student at ARCC working on my Social Media Marketing certification. I will be obtaining my certificate at the end of this school year, May 2024. Through ARCC, I plan to further my education along the business and marketing path.

Swimming in the ocean

The following classes are included in the Social Media Marketing program:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Principles of Advertising
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Written Business Communications
  • Developing Web Pages

This semester, I am taking Written Business Communications and Developing Web Pages, I have completed the other three courses. Within completing Social Media Marketing, I obtained my certification in HootSuite for Social Media Marketing. I look forward to learning more within this field. I do plan on taking more courses in relation to the previous, and paving my way to a successful business/marketing career.

My hobbies include reading, hiking, playing the piano, and playing tennis.

My dream vacation is to visit Skopelos, Greece. One of the filming locations for “Mammia Mia!”.


Playing tennis took up a lot of my time growing up. I played from 6-16 years old along with my younger sister. I was on my high school’s varsity tennis team from my freshman year to junior year. Unfortunately, a nerve injury was the cause of me quitting the team and playing altogether. But, during my senior year of high school, one of my old private coaches asked if I wanted to help coach younger kids at his advanced camps. So even though I’m not really able to play anymore, I am still capable of coaching and teaching.

Favorite Activity

I love anything to do with the outdoors, whether that’s taking walks, hiking, or just sitting out. I live on a golf course and close to a lake, so the views and walks during sunset are really enjoyable. There are really pretty hiking trails around 45 minutes from me, so I often go there during the summer.

Some of my photos:


Sophia Web


My name is Sophia Web Pages and I am a student at ARCC working on my Social Media Marketing certification. I am an experienced tennis player and coach, I have successfully instructed many young tennis players. I have demonstrated a considerate attitude toward my students and co-workers, and shown problem-solving skills.


  • Strong leadership
  • Active listening
  • Supportive
  • Constructive communication
  • Motivating


Youth Tennis Coach

Minnesota Tennis Camp, Wayzata, MN

April 11th 2021 – December 15th 2021

  • Taught the proper technique on how to hit a tennis ball
  • Instructed 5 to 11 year olds
  • Worked with children to have a positive mindset and build their self confidence


High School Diploma

Spring Lake Park High School, MN 2018-2022

GPA: 3.5


Outstanding Academic Excellence Award – 2022

Varsity Tennis: Northwest Suburban Conference – All Conference Honorable Mention