Tessa Smith

Web Design

Tessa Smith is a Web Design and Development Student at Saint Paul College in St. Paul, Minnesota. She is completing an Associate of Arts and a Certificate in Web Design and is graduating in December 2023.

password: wordsmith

She is creating a website for her band, Star Projector, located here: star-projector.art, and is also currently working on her portfolio website. Tessa is just getting started working on WordPress and Squarespace websites, while also dabbling in Wix and Weebly website creation. Her first page on WordPress is located here: Portland, Maine (Dream Destination) and her first sample website, created using Squarespace, is linked on the image pictured left.

Additionally, Tessa completed a Dream Destination product page to go with her first page, showing her skills using WordPress and WooCommerce. Both pages have been linked on the buttons below!

artistic endeavors

Tessa is currently focusing on creating artful and intuitive web design. However, she is also drawn to many other artistic mediums, such as creative writing, collage making, and making music.

Stream her band’s music here: starprojector.bandcamp.com

She is particularly fond of working with Adobe Photoshop while creating digital collages, many of which are pictured right.

work / life balance

When Tessa Smith is not creating, she is working hard to find a good life/work/school balance.

Altogether, Tessa is certainly busy as a full-time student, but manages to spend almost all of her free time working as a sales associate and experience guide at a crystal shop in Minneapolis.

Because of these commitments, it is difficult to keep up with everything she wants to accomplish and experience in life.

But in spite of this, she always finds a way to keep playing with her two sweet kittens!

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