A huge dream of mine is to visit every state in the continental United States before the age of 30. While I am 24 now and 20 states down, that still leaves 28 to go in six years. I have always wanted to complete the States before traveling out of the country as there is so much to do within our own.


No longer merely a land of “wide, open spaces,” cattle, mines, and mountains, the West has become famous for other things from the motion-picture industry in southern California, gambling in Nevada, aerospace production in Washington and California, and environmental protection in Oregon.


Known as 'America's Heartland' because of its strong manufacturing, farming industries, and large commercial cities. Made up of countless small towns that come together to form what some call “America's Heartland”.


From the Nations Capital to the Appalachian Mountian with much to explore — from the galleries of New York City to the festivals of South Beach, Miami. Home to much of the political and financial power and a center for resort and travel destinations in the United States.


My favorite places to go on the West Coast would have to include San Francisco, the Nevada mountain tops, and desert roads. I find it fascinating that you get so much variety in scenery all in one state.

Of places to still go in this region, I have not been to Washington and Oregon. I would love to spend a day at the aerospace production plants, the environmental protection sites, and in all National or State Parks.


While living in the Midwest has its perks of being within 'driving' distance of so many other vacation destinations just a state away, sometimes not even more than eight hours away, it can get a little boring always going to the same places.

With that being said I have been to almost every state within the region but would most want to visit the St. Louis Arch in Missouri as it is one of the three states I have not been to here.



The East Coast has so much to offer from the vibrant life of New York City to beautiful mountain views in the Apalachians. The only thing I have seen from this region is Niagara Falls, from the US side which is not as beautiful as the Canadian side (so I hear). I have so much to explore here still and I cannot wait to get to them.

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