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Tom Moline seeking freelance illustration work
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Currently, Tom Moline is seeking select clients for freelance illustration work. I have been working full time as an illustrator and graphic artist for over 45 years. I am proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, and other software on both Macintosh and PC platforms.
My passions:
> Photography
> Illustration
> Animation

I’ve included examples from my full-time and freelance illustration work, photography and animation examples

I began creating artwork that was used commercially at 18 years old. I supplemented my income for college tuition with freelance illlustration work by designing and cutting the rubylith for use in screen printing. After my college graduation in 1977 I have continuously made my living as an artist. Positions I have held include art director, camera operator, artist, graphic designer, marketing communications coordinator, and graphic artist.

Many of my colleagues did not adapt to the personal computer revolution in the late 80s. For me it was a welcome transition from pen and ink to the new, more efficient tools. My computer skills were essential in the early 90s when I supplemented my income with freelance work. It was challenging and fulfilling to work full-time and also work for my freelance clients. Shortly after the birth of my first son I realized I did not want continue with freelance work. Full-time work and the responsibilities of a new family were challenging enough. Over 25 years later and an “empty nester” I’m ready to seek freelance illustration work again.

Some regularly used Software

SoftwareProficiencyUsed Since
Adobe After EffectsTradesman2021
Adobe IllustratorMaster1986
Adobe InDesignExpert2007
Adobe PhotoshopMaster1990
Microsoft WordJourneyman1988
Microsoft ExcelTradesman1992
Microsoft Power PointMaster1989
SolidworksPhotoView 3602004
Tumult HypeTradesman2022
A compilation of animation examples
A few fun animations
Example for a media transfer service

Looking for freelance illustration work

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Tom Moline . . . A Lifetime in Graphic Arts

Now looking for clients for freelance illustration work. I’m looking for creative challenges and long-term projects.

Tom has worked as an art director, artist, graphic designer, and marketing communications coordinator. Find me at any of the links below,
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