Yellowstone National Park

The first established National Park in the United States which is located in the western parts of the U.S. stretching for 3,472 square miles through the states of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.

Yellowstone contained so much natural beauty that the leaders of the time believed that such a treasure should be witnessed by future generations and as a result, Yellowstone became America's first national park.

Sights to behold...

Contains stretches of rivers and streams which are home to 12 native species of fish as well as holding nearly 300 geysers and the Yellowstone Lake.

Yellowstone 3
Yellowstone 3

Housing a variety of species

Home to many species such as Grizzly bears, elks and many more all of which are native species to Yellowstone National Park. The most optimal time to find these species out and about are during dawn from a distance of at least 25 to 100 yards away.